“I knew he was fast, but it’s a whole different ball game when he’s lined up in front of you.”, Want to know more about The Pat And Aaron Show? Sponsored Content. Want to know more about The Pat And Aaron Show? The Pat and Aaron Show. While Antonor wasn’t being critical of his son as a quarterback, he acknowledged that he had some of the same concern as fans during the NFL Combine when it came to throwing mechanics. Pat Donovan and Aaron Jacobson air weekends on 620 WDAE / 95.3 FM. And bacon, mostly bacon. Its name…you guessed it…The Goon Squad Burger. Some of it may not be shown in preseason. Get their official bio, social pages & articles on 620 WDAE! Get their official bio, social pages & articles on 620 WDAE!Read More. All the cool kids are doing it. There’s a lot of nuances going on out there, so don’t feel like you have to report on every one of them,” Koetter joked. Like so many others when speaking about former Heisman winner’s … “That’s the best way to describe it. All the cool kids are doing it. When we’re hot, when we’re tired, when we don’t feel like practicing, when we don’t feel like talking. : Longtime Jackson TN Radio Vet Bill Way. 95.3 WDAE … One of the players the Bucs weren’t sure what to expect from on that defense is third-round pick Kendell Beckwith, and Koetter once again got into how special his return has been to this point, and how quickly Beckwith turned things around after a rough couple of practices before the veterans arrived to town. Veteran radio personality Ron Britain has died. In addition to co-hosting the show, Donovan will continue as part of the lineup on the 95.3 WDAE weekend program, "The Insiders," featuring Rick … You’re not just building relationships; you’re building friendships off the air. You see him every year. Tampa Bay Sports Tricks-And-Treats For Bolts, Bucs, Bulls, & Rays Halloween Oct 30, 2020 Einige Programmierung von Fox Sports Radio ist ebenfalls auf der Station gehört, obwohl Schwesterstation 1250 AM WHNZ die primäre Fox Sports ist Netzwerk - Partner in Tampa Bay. With so much hype for the beer and the burger, I met up with Pat and Aaron to dive into the world of the Goon Squad. Thursday, it was another training camp practice for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and another interception returned for a touchdown for Jameis Winston. Like so many others when speaking about former Heisman winner’s entrance into the pros, Antonor was impressed by how his son conducted himself from the start and earned the trust and respect of his teammates as the year progressed. “Just being good at what you do. I might not like the Patriots, but I love me some Patriots tight ends. We like when people come to us and say ‘hey how can we collaborate and gets the Goons involved?’”. : Ron Britain, Legendary Chicago Radio Personality, TV Ratings: Fox News, Carlson On Top Of The World, Apple Sill Considering Deal With iHeartMedia, Police: Casey Kasem Care Termed 'Appropriate'. This radio station broadcasts its transmission in Tampa Bay Area. "The Pat and Aaron Show" air weekdays Noon-3pm on 95.3 FM WDAE/620 AM Pat and Aaron see ratings spike during pandemic Goon Squad IPA … Check 620wdae.com for their broadcast schedule. “He would take the shirt off his back and give it to someone without a shirt. The name of its brand is “95.3 WDAE”. A good burger, a good beer; and good conversation: Pat and Aaron are a hit across the board in their quest to truly represent the everyday people of Tampa. : Sean Hall, Longtime Radio Newsman, James Cridland's PodNews: Your Daily Podcast & On-Demand Briefing, FCC Actions & Applications For October 30, 2020. Being the bigger men, Pat and Aaron reach out to this fan who left an expletive-laden voicemail. Aaron Jacobson (left) and Pat Donovan (right) enjoying a Goon Squad IPA and burger at the Mermaid Tavern on Nebraska Ave. in Tampa. Wrong could never taste so right. He has come alive in this first six practices, and we’re really excited about him.”. Am 15. Not to mention he had a true student-of-the-game to work with, according to Antonor. “Did it surprise me? A Salty Yankees Fan Wishes Death On Pat And Aaron | 95.3 WDAE | The Pat And Aaron Show. Our new Spectrum News app is the most convenient way to get the stories that matter to you. Hargreaves knows what he can expect from Jackson on the field, but was still taken back by the veteran’s speed, “He’s a great player,” Hargreaves said about his new teammate. Bacon is basically proof that we were intended to eat animals. In fact, before he realized Jameis’ talent and competitiveness he envisioned a future of working in the church for his son. Nothing’s changed about him. Pittsburgh Radio: WBZZ, WDSY Team For 'Concert for... Fox News Disciplines Employees Over Pruitt Interview, Portland OR Radio: Pamplin Ordered To Pay Back Wages. Before signing off, Donovan wanted to hear the phrase he’s trying to make catch on – “Believe in Jameis” – uttered by the man who knows the Bucs quarterback best. “I knew he was fast, but it’s a whole different ball game when he’s lined up in front of you.” View Comments. Join us in sharing support for all the heroes on the frontlines. He’s dynamic, he’s a play maker, and I’m excited to watch him go against other DBs for once.”. Chris Torello: To have the Tampa community embrace you guys and to really have businesses embrace you, that’s got to be the ultimate compliment. “There’s a fine line there between being multiple and then just being good,” Koetter said. Get … Now 9.9M+ Page Views! Stream Sports songs online from this radio station, only on iHeartRadio. Get their official bio, social pages & articles on 620 WDAE! We know it now, but we gotta perfect it,” Hargreaves said with determination in his voice. That’s what he does. “We need to execute better on offense than we have been, but part of that is we’re playing good defense,” Koetter said after today’s practice. One of the guys the Bucs have high expectations for on that defense is second-year corner Vernon Hargreaves, and he spoke about why the team still needs to work on communication, even though guys are much more comfortable with the scheme.

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